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Construction Mediation / Arbitration

The construction law attorneys at Stearns, Roberts & Guttentag, LLC, are dedicated to providing clients with value-driven legal services. As part of the firm’s commitment to cost-effective representation, a significant emphasis is placed on effective methods of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), including mediation and arbitration.

The firm represents clients in mediation and arbitration of construction disputes, including:

  • Construction contract disputes
  • Construction delay disputes
  • Construction defects claims
  • Construction lien disputes
  • Payment/performance bond disputes
  • Construction insurance claims

Mediation is require in courts throughout Florida to resolve disputes that are the subject of construction litigation. Most courts required the parties to mediate prior to going to trial. While arbitration is not required by law, many construction contracts have mandatory arbitration clauses and also require mediation as a condition to proceeding with binding arbitration.

Cost-Effective Dispute Resolution

Stearns, Roberts & Guttentag, LLC, strongly believes in the value of ADR services. Mediation and arbitration can provide an efficient and cost-effective alternative to protracted litigation.

Mediation is an Art

When done right, mediation is an art. A skilled attorney can prepare your case properly for mediation and improve your chance of resolving disputes and avoiding unnecessary costs associated with a lengthy trial. Each of the senior attorneys at Stearns, Roberts & Guttentag, LLC, is skilled in the art of mediation and is board certified by the Florida bar in construction law.

Arbitration is Not a Trial Run

While arbitration is not as formal as a trial, your attorney must be thoroughly prepared with an understanding of all relevant case facts and a strong knowledge of case law that is relevant to your construction dispute. The experienced construction law attorneys at Stearns, Roberts & Guttentag, LLC, prepare meticulously for arbitration to effectively protect your rights.

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