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Construction Contract Drafting & Negotiation

Many construction disputes arise due to unexpected delays, challenging project conditions, adverse weather conditions, and other project complications that were not anticipated at the time an owner and contractor entered into a construction contract.

Experienced construction law attorneys are knowledgeable about the issues that frequently result in construction disputes, and can enable parties to better avoid disputes through carefully drafted construction contracts and meaningful contract negotiations.

When disputes arise despite careful contract preparation, an experienced construction law attorney can often help resolve disputes in an effective manner that avoids the time and cost of protracted litigation. Should litigation ensue, a skilled trial lawyer who is knowledgeable about the construction industry and construction law is essential.

If you are a contractor, subcontractor, material supplier, property owner or design professional in need of an experienced construction law attorney in south Florida, Stearns, Roberts & Guttentag, LLC, should be the first call you make.

Stearns, Roberts & Guttentag, LLC, has established a reputation as a leader in the field of construction law. The senior attorneys of Stearns, Roberts & Guttentag, LLC, are all board certified by the Florida bar in construction law, and offer more than 40 years of combined experience in construction dispute avoidance and resolution.

In addition to their extensive knowledge of construction law, the attorneys of Stearns, Roberts & Guttentag, LLC, have a strong background in the construction industry. Attorney Michael E. Stearns is a Florida certified building contractor. Attorney Richard E. Guttentag holds a Bachelor of Science in building construction.

The firm offers a full range of construction contract services, from contract draft and review to negotiations, mediation of disputed contract claims, arbitration of contract disputes and trial representation when disputes cannot be effectively resolved through less costly measures.

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